welcome back...

So It's been awhile since I sat down to write, but I have been thinking about it since my last post!How am I supposed to fit in all the past weeks events into 1 post??I don't know, but gotta start somewhere!
The bachelorette,although I cannot divulge any  info or any pictures, it truly was an awesome night, we had a really good time!!

As for the wedding, It was beautiful! It was more wonderful then I could have imagined. It was intimate and romantic.A room filled with Love and fun . These 2 are truly in love and I wish them nothing but the best, and did I mention how gorgeous everyone looked(especially the bride!)??We ate, drank, and danced like it was nobodies business!A memorable day.

The days that follow are a blur....with lots of people  parties and bbq's, a trip up north to the cottage, and lots of days spent swimming at my parents house.And not to forget C's haircut. After a couple of swim days, it was one big knot, and I had no other choice. Thank god it came out nice and she likes it!!!

And our little baby N turned 1!

a banana cake for a monkeys birthday!

But now It feels as though the vacation is over! Everyone is gone back to work, and all the out of town guests are gone.I am starting workshop lunches again,  I am starting to write again, it's back to the daily routine. The only thing that makes it feel like summer isn't over is that C is still home from school. I love it, having all my monkeys home with me. they fight all the time, and cry and scream and yell, but I wouldn't have it any other way.I am trying to make the most of what little time we have left, but mother nature is not on my side, with rainy weather and storms , every outing I plan gets squashed.Hopefully sun is around the corner and we will be able to at least go to the park today!It seems like the only place we go these days due to weather restrictions.

The treasure hunt game is getting old, and I think N is tired of eating sand!Now on this gloomy rainy sticky humid summer day, I'm off to make lunches, and I'm thinking this would be great for dessert, what do you think??

nutella meringues
 I think I will have to taste at least half a dozen of these little clouds of heaven.

I hope these ladies enjoy their lunch as much as I enjoy making it!
Ciao for now, enjoy the afternoon!


  1. I cannot wait to try those little clouds!!!
    Check your phone for menu details. We have some special requests...

  2. :(((( I can't eat it!! that is the nutella meringues.. a demain.

  3. Love, love, love those darn meringues! You really should post a recipe ;)

  4. LOL!!! You are HILARIOUS! I read the post to Alain and he cannot stop laughing!!! Thanks for the nice comments. We LOVE youuuuu and LOVE your blog!


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