Wow, how time flies when you're having fun!!!
I haven't forgot about you!!
It's already been nine months since my last post!!!! Everyday I think of fabulous blog ideas, but never can seem to find the time to sit and put it down!!
So where to start.....
This summer has been a blast and as I sit here on my last day of vacation with the kids screaming in the background, thinking about all the awesome things to blog about, I believe I will wipe the slate clean and start fresh!!
But before I can, the one thing I can't skip is Little N's second birthday!

What a weekend we had!! In the hustle and bustle of party planning... we had storm weather, with tornado warnings and all. On Friday (1 day 'till party) as I scattered to do the last minute details, I was caught in a horrible storm, and when I got home, NO POWER!!!
Don't Panic, it will come back! OMG, how can I bake 100 cake pops with no electricity??? OMG, I have all this food that will go bad!! Starting to panic!!!
Saturday morning (day of supposed party) still no power.  And word on the street was that it might not come back for days!!!At this point, the only thing we can do is postpone until further notice. That made me sooo sad, because I had all these fabulous things planned for a Circus themed party, and the kids weren't going to be able to enjoy it!!
So after having made my coffee on the barbecue in my mom's backyard, I decided the show must go on!!! Electricity or not!! We can cook on the barbecue and still swim and play games and have fun!!!So with a dying cell phone , I tried to reach everyone I could to pass on the message that the party would be held the following day, Sunday.
My aunt J offered to bake a cake at her house, since she was the only one with electricity.
And eventually, sometime Saturday night my parents lights went back on.

Although we still had no power at home, and some people couldn't make it, we had an awesome time!!!! The weather was perfect and sunshiny, the food was great, and the company was awesome!! My favourite part, besides the slip-n-slide, was watching how happy the girls were!
I would say that after all, it was a success!

The Birthday Girl

Miss C and Miss V

I would like to send some shout outs to the people that made this day possible!!!
Mr. R, Liles, Mom and Dad, Uncle Nikki, Aunty J and Aunty C, Gramma, Uncle J, Cocole and everyone who came!!!!
To Aunty Nelson, even though you couldn't make it, we were thinking of you!
Thank you for making Little N's day so special!
Lots of love xoxo
From the G family


  1. Thanks for the shoutout....I love the theme. Everything looked so great. Cannot wait to plan Miss C's Bday fiesta next. :) Nelson

  2. oh so cool and cute. where did you get all those lovely display items???

    1. The cupcake stand is from Piorra Maison!!!
      The rest are odds and ends I found here and there, most I already had!

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