A new year, a new start

***THIS POST WAS WRITTEN IN JANUARY 2014....IT HAS BEEN SITTING IN DRAFTS FOR 3 AND A HALF YEARS!!!! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Wow...I cannot even believe that my last post was 6 months ago....
What have i been doing?
Well besides shuttling 3 girls to school, daycare, doctors and dentists, working full time,a recent addition to our family; Bageera the cat, and all the time I spend dreaming about being in the ocean instead of in the snow, not much really...

I have to say that due to recent schedule changes and a slew of life events , the "free time" I once had seems to have ran away with my sleep!( They are happy together so I am not too upset!)

There hasn't been much baking, except the usual holiday cookies and what not, and cooking has become routine!! I did make a raspberry fruit leather which I would say was a success, but the kids beg to differ because they didn't like the seeds.(lesson learnt: always strain fruit!!)

Very sad, I know.....But my love for food has not diminished, au contraire, it has grown, it has almost become an obsession, and stalk food blogs, recipe books, etc...Basically food is my main subject,I always find a way to add it into the conversation.It is what I think about, dream about, and what I feel I should be doing.I have to let that feeling inside of me out,otherwise it will continue to accumulate in the thigh region, because the next best thing to cooking, is of course eating!

And so with the new year and my uncontrollable cosmic attraction to the kitchen, I shall start fresh, and I will try and learn to not let life get in the way of what makes you happy. I guess this is my resolution for 2014!

I also have a new camera!!! With a fancy lens and everything!!Good-bye digital camera set to "auto"that left my pictures looking blah, blurry, boring and lifeless(I can't blame the entire thing on  the poor camera, my knowledge of photography was non-existent).                                                      
So now, new camera in hand, I am ready to snap away!!!
I will be the annoying aunt everyone has that was at every family party with the really big camera and really bright flash that always had her camera hanging from her neck!
I am no photographer, I am learning...slowly...but I am eager to learn it all!

In the mean time, I will brush up on the baking skills, and get re-acquainted with the mixer.
Man do I miss  baking...actually I wish I was baking right now instead of blogging, but the kids are already in bed, I am about to hit the sack, and I might fall asleep before the oven pre-heats...but the weekend is near, and I have a feeling the weather will be cold and snowy, the perfect baking weather!

What shall I make...decisions, decisions.....
There is nothing like home made Churros, or should i go more freshly fried beignets??What about raspberry brie pastry puffs! oh no, a chocolate caramel molten lava cake!
Maybe i'll make them all! I can't choose!Here are some visuals to help with the picking process.

                             **photo via pinterest                                                                                          **photo via pinterest
                                                                               **photo via pinterest
                                                                             **photo via pinterest     

Good Night, i am off to dream about all the delicious things i will attempt to make while my girls swing from chandeliers like monkeys. hopefully I will be back this weekend with updated posts on baking and or cooking.
Lori Ann