we shall call it Button...

Completely non food related, a little story about an eventful day we had yesterday!

Our terasse is below ground level, and usually I have the honour of  garbage making its way here, but yesterday we had something far more interesting; A baby bunny!!!!
Somehow he ended up on our terasse, and since I was not home on Tuesday night, I think that is when he fell.
After making sure it really was a bunny, I had no idea what to do next.I called every organization I could think of and no one could help me, when finally one person told me i had to put it in a box and bring it in.For fear of the children around the bunny(mostly for the poor little bunny), I called some family members to see if they would help, because to tell you the truth, I could not imagine having the 3 kids in the car with the bunny.They might have terrorised it.I was skeptical as well about the organization, I would have much rathered reuniting him with his mother and would have loved if someone could have come to check and maybe find a rabbit hole somewhere. I couldn't`t possibly let him go free in the middle of the day, our street is quite busy and he seemed so little, i really don't think he would have known where to go and could have easily gotten hit by a car.
Finally my sister said she would keep it and take it home. So we would keep him overnight, outside of course.
He seemed scared, but was very docile ,So we gave him some carrots and water, and i noticed he was scraped on his back, but it did not seem too serious, just a little scratch, so I was planning to clean and disinfect it and maybe put a band-aid(hey, i`m no nurse and definitely not a vet, that's what I would have done for the girls!!)
C was amazed and in love with this little creature and the thought that she would be able to visit him was out of this world.I have to say that she took really good care of him,filling the water and even getting an old towel to make it a little bed.The other 2 looked like it would be fun to maybe squeeze him a little!We put him in a box, and went in for supper.
As soon as she took her last bite , C jumped out her chair to go check him.She came back in with a huge smile on her face and declared the bunny was sleeping and so cute, and she had covered him with the blanket. UH-OH. she told me I had to go see how cute he was.I never remembered bunnies sleeping on their sides with their eyes open.I thought they just crouched into a little ball and closed their eyes, so I poked him and noticed he was no longer breathing. I covered his face with the blanket, and told C to go back inside.What do I tell her? I called my sister to tell her the little bunny did not make it.C kept asking me if she could go check to make sure he was still asleep, I simply replied that he had a very stressful day and would probably sleep through the night.I called Mr. R to update him on the situation, and he told me I had to tell her, what would she do if he just wasn't there when she woke up. So after her asking me if she could go see him 100 times, I told her that the stress of falling and maybe even from being away from his mother was too much for him.
She was devastated, she kept saying how we didn't have him one whole day and how he didn't even have a name! So we gave him the name button.When I told V the bunny was gone, she just said, "awww, I wanted to see him!!" and then forgot that we even had a bunny!!!Mr. R disposed of the little bunny in a decent manner, because I didn't want the girls to see , and also because the thought of touching dead Button creeped me out!!I told C that Daddy was going to bring him to the pet cemetery, and he was now in "pet heaven".She cried all night, until finally she fell asleep around 11.
A very eventful day indeed, and a sad one as well. We will always remember the day little Button fell into our lives.
Funeral services to celebrate the life of Button will be held Tonight at 7 pm on the terasse.
                                                                                                                R.I.P. BUTTON
                                                                                             01/08/12 8:00 am - 01/08/12 6:00 pm
                                                                                                               you will be missed


  1. So sad... You made me cry at work!!!

  2. Totally crying! OMG poor little C! <3 send her kisses for us <3

  3. I will always remember buttons and the life we would have lived together.

  4. LOL...sorry I'm laughing...it was a very touching story but reminded me of when Yusses's turtle died and we ran to the pet shop to buy another one, Yussef only asked how the turtle got smaller...You're so right dead animal totally creeps me out.

  5. Poor Buttons and poor C. What a tragedy! I wish I had had the chance to meet him. Rest in peace little buddy.


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